By: John Foley

As a twelve-year season ticket holder and a long time fan I can tell you first hand that Michael Turner has lost a step. Maybe a couple of steps. I for one have always complained that Turner’s stats are usually deceiving. He will usually rip of one big run, ( when its not needed) and struggle the times we need him the most, like Sunday. I guess what I’m saying is Turner was great for a young Matt Ryan to help take the pressure off and carry the load for the young signal caller. I do believe Turner’s time in Atlanta has run its course, and Rodgers has yet to convince me he’s the man. If we had a Arian Foster or a Ray Rice we would have beat the Saints Sunday. That said, I for one as a fan of this team am very grateful for every thing Mike has done for this franchise. I do believe he would be a better fit for a team with a rookie or inexperienced quarterback so he can be their training wheels. I hope I’m wrong on this, but if this franchise wants a championship it will be unlikely that 33 will be touting the rock.