By: John Foley

I don’t care if the Saints won today’s game. So now we are 8-1 and y’all still suck. You didn’t win the game, we lost it. Mike Nolan failed all day in his defense’s ability to get pressure on Drew Brees and overall our tackling was poor, if not pathetic. Having Jimmy Graham being covered by a linebacker half the game screams of being out schemed. Michael Turner looked fat and slow and the offensive line was just that, offensive. I was really embarrassed watching this game. It serves to give all the critics just what they want to give us, no respect. Well guess what? You want respect you have to earn it by winning these games. That’s all, just win when it really matters. That said, I LOVE THE FALCONS,I would rather lose all sixteen games than be a Saints fan, and that’s just not gonna happen. This is still a Superbowl run and in the long run this will serve your Falcons well. We will return to New Orleans to claim the franchises first, world championship.