By: John Wickham

Are you as sick and tired, as I am, of the Falcons being talked about as a sub par team? Media pundits have continued to question this team, including John Madden who recently called this team solid. Just solid? Their offensive and defensive rankings might put them in the middle of the pack but if you watch them you know that they are anything but average. Yes they have played the easiest schedule so far, and yes they have beaten only one team with a winning record. Hello, when you are 8-0 the teams are each going to have at least one lost for when we beat them. I understand that the whole respect thing might be overplayed but isn’t respect the only thing you got? How someone perceives you is important. And unfortunately for the Falcons they will not be perceived correctly until they win in the playoffs. So for the next two months we have to listen how much better everyone else is than us. But come January we will find out how different we are then the 0-3 playoff record from the last five years. To finish this I will end with a chant I heard last Sunday night as the Falcons beat them Cowboys, “I believe, I believe the Falcons going to win”. And hopefully they do just that come playoff time.