By: John Wickham

One of the biggest problems I have with people is being hypocritical. Do not bash a team for winning close games and then turnaround and praise a team for winning close games. The person I am talking about is Colin Cowherd. I was listening to him this week and he was bashing the Falcons for winning close games against average teams. Then he was praising the Patriots and Giants for winning close games and that is the mark of a good tea. Against who exactly did they pull out these games? They did not exactly face the stiffest of challenges. Then he called Eli Manning an elite closer, which I believe, but then did not mention Matt Ryan who since 2008, his rookie season, leads all quarterbacks with 19 game winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime. Just because he is on radio does not mean his opinion is right and what he is saying is exactly that: an opinion. And he is entitled to that opinion but try not to be hypocritical. End of rant.