By: John Foley

You don`t have to be a Falcons fan to know how good Tony Gonzalez is. Many members of the national press and his peers hail him as the man that paved the way for modern tight ends such as, Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. The thing about Tony G and the reason for this article is, he seems to be improving. Yes, improving, at 36  he`s off to the best start of his illustrious 16-year career. So how does one continually improve their performance in a trade dominated by twenty somethings? First off, he takes great care of himself, he eats a vegan diet, consistently does the extra work honing his craft, and gets plenty of rest to recuperate from the grueling NFL season. Big deal, a lot of guys do that. My point is Tony is special. So far this season Tony has amass 43 receptions for 430 yards and four touchdowns. His best game came against the Redskins were he had 13 receptions for a 123 yards and a touchdown. After which Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith said ” He`s just unbelievable. In my mind , he`s the greatest to have ever played. I know I don`t put myself out there, but Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end to have ever played this game.”