By: David Foley

I know what your thinking, everytime the Georgia Bulldogs lose a game fans talk about Richt being let go. That’s cause the Bulldog nation is no longer accepting being good, is it wrong to strive for greatness, is it wrong to think with the recruiting classes UGA brings in every year we are under achieving. No, games that should be won usually are, games you have to win, never turn out the way they should. The Bulldogs offensive scheme has been, and always will be weak and predictable as long as Mike Bobo is the OC, and that is really why Richt is on the hot seat. I know Richt has the image of being the good guy and will not release his OC for not performing, but he will sit a player for under performing. That seems backwards to hold a 19 year old kid accountable for his actions but not a grown man. Third and long, lets run the draw, or take a page out of Mike Smith’s book, do your job, release Bobo or go from the hot seat to the unemployment line.